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Non-Instrument rated pilots finding themselves in unexpected instrument meteorological conditions, which lead to spatial disorientation, accounts for a large portion of recent GA fatalities.

At Rood Ravens® our goal is to provide better training opportunities to a wider range of pilots so as to increase the overall safety of flight.

As a VFR pilot, suddenly finding yourself in instrument meteorological conditions can quickly spell disaster. That is why it is important for every pilot to have the opportunity to develop their instrument flying skills through extensive simulator training. 

Advantages of Simulator Training:


  • Safety: Several rare and dangerous flight situations such as power off stalls, spins, and off runway emergency landings are best trained for in simulators as the risk to the new pilot, the instructor, and those on the ground is too great for these situations to be routinely executed in actual aircraft.


  • Repeatability: The ability to quickly set-up a flight condition and repetitively train for that situation with out the need to circle the field or land and refuel.


  • Versatility: The simulators used by most flight schools are limited to the type of aircraft the school has on hand whereas our simulator can be reconfigured to realistically represent numerous single and multi-engine piston and turboprop aircraft.


  • Availability: While California is known for its clear skies there are times in which it is not safe to fly small training aircraft due to high winds, especially cross winds, and other poor weather conditions.


  • Affordability: Our AATD flight simulator rental rates are 40% - 60% less expensive than that of similar aircraft rental rates with fuel.

Rood Ravens® provides flight simulators on a per hour basis to pilots of all ratings to increase their airmanship skills and to certified flight instructors and flight schools for use as part of their instruction plan.


Rood Ravens® is not a flight school and offers no certificates, degrees, or direct training beyond the basic operation of the simulators.

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