Instructor Spotlight - John Kelleher CFI/CFII SEL

Introducing John Kelleher, Rood Ravens® Member and Certified Flight Instructor for Single Engine Land aircraft.

If you are just starting out as a pilot or getting back in the cockpit after a break and need a refresher, John is ready to work with you here at Rood Ravens® towards achieving your airmanship goals. John can be reached via email or phone 559-308-3202*

*John Kelleher is an Independent CFI/CFII, not a Rood Ravens® Employee, please contact him directly for pricing and scheduling information. For additional instructors as well as airplane rentals please contact Fresno Flyers ( at 559-264-5324.

The Rood Ravens® AATD Simulator time can be used for:

1) Logged Flight Experience - 61.51(b)(3) (with or without a CFI)

2) Instrument Experience - 61.57(c)(1) (with or without a CFI)

3) Instrument Proficiency Check - 61.57(d)(1)(ii)

4) Instrument Rating: Practical Test - 61.65(a)(8)

5) Instrument Rating: Maximum 20 Hours - 61.65(e)(2)

6) Private Pilot Certificate: Maximum 2.5 Hours - 61.109(i)(1)

7) Commercial Certificate: Maximum 50 Hours - 61.129(i)(1)

8) Airline Transport Pilot Certificate: Maximum 25 Hours - 61.159(a)(3)(i)

9) Approved for use as Limited by Part 141 Appendices - 141.41(b)

10) Approved for use as to the extent as allowed within FAA-approved special training curricula

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