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Why fly a simulator when you could fly an airplane?

One of the more common questions that we get is, "Why would I fly a simulator when I could fly an airplane?"

While some pilots have on demand access to an aircraft and can fly for just the cost of fuel and maintenance, for many flying is limited by the affordability of the rentals and fuel. In either case there are a number of reasons one might want to fly a simulator when an aircraft is available:

Fly a simpler or more complex aircraft configuration, sea plane, or twin engine than you are used to.

Fly visually when there is bad weather or vice versa. The weather of your choosing at the push of a few buttons.

Fly acrobatic maneuvers, short field, soft field, or carrier landings just for fun.

Fly emergency procedures, engine fires, bird strikes, can you handle a sudden shift in the center of gravity?

Fly three to four times as many final approaches or touch-n-goes per hour and review them from any angle.

Fly around Fresno, through the Grand Canyon, and land at LAX in just under an hour. Rocketing across the landscape at four times actual ground speed.

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